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Dylan Wilk  owns a computer games company firm in England . Last year, he sold his new luxury car, a BMW, not to buy another bigger one but to finance the building of houses for the poor in the country. 

Wilk is a volunteer of Gawad Kalinga, a project started in 1995. Through their action, the volunteers hope that they can help the poor not only to build their homes but also to become self sufficient. 

Wilk said the money he received for selling his Silver M3 BMW in 2003—equivalent to P3.2 million—was able to build 80 houses in Bulacan. The houses are now home to 600 people. 

Wilk's example actually inspired three wealthy Filipinos to do the same. Choosing to remain un named, they have decided to give up their two BMWs and a Ford Explorer and give the proceeds from the pur chase of the vehicles to build more houses, according to the foreign benefactor. 

The Briton said he learned of the charitable project from a Filipino friend. Donna Rodil, who went to England 2002 and told him that she was feeling guilty about going there because the cost of her ticket could build two houses for the poor. 

"She told me all about the GK work, so in January, 2003, I stopped by the Philippines for three hours to visit a GK site," Wilk narrated. 

"I had just bought my BMW. But when I got back to England , I felt guilty about driving it when it could build 80 houses for the poor," he said. 

He said : " I learned to know the difference between pleasure and happiness" 

Dylan used to be the 9th Rishest Man in England ... Any Muslim dare to do that?.. Allahu A'lam